Advertorial: Innovative annuity plan from LIC – Gulf Digital News


LIC International is launching an innovative annuity product, Deferred Future Secure Pension Plan, which potential customers will find very attractive, with a guaranteed pension, guaranteed pension for spouse and also return of capital, thereafter.

With this plan the policyholder will have a wide range of options to choose from.

The plan is available to customers from 35 to 72 years of age.

The policyholder will receive a second income that will ease financial burdens.

The policyholder will pay once, only at the start of the policy and after the deferment period, a guaranteed annuity payment will start.

If the customer opts for an option of joint life, then guaranteed annuity will be paid to the policyholder as long as he is alive, and after his death, guaranteed annuity will be paid to the spouse as long as they are

alive and after that return of purchase price on their death will be paid to the beneficiary.

LIC International is committed to bringing value to its customers and serve them with innovative products, new technology initiatives and excellent customer service.


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