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LOGAN – A Logan High School baseball tradition going back to 1986 is coming to an end this season.

Due to scheduling difficulties and the lateness of spring break in Logan County, the Wildcats will not be making their yearly trek to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to take part in the annual Mingo Bay Classic.

Logan County’s spring break falls April 22-29 right after Easter weekend. That’s a week or two later than normal.

Logan baseball coach Kevin Gertz says there are no tournaments that week at the Beach, so that means no trip for his Wildcats.

Each season, usually the first week of April, the Logan baseball team has made their yearly trip to the Palmetto State, playing up to five games in the South Carolina tourney.

Last year, Logan played four games, going 1-3, beating a team from South Carolina.

Each season, the Wildcats usually play an array of teams from different states such as Ohio, New York, Illinois, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

“We’re not going because this is the latest our spring break has ever been in the history of Logan County,” Gertz said. “And there’s no tournaments that week in Myrtle Beach. If it was a week earlier we could have gone down there and played in the last tournament that they had available. They are also starting their tournaments that week. This has crushed baseball in our county.”

Gertz said they are disappointed about not going to the Beach. The Wildcats have taken their lumps there at times, but Gertz said the tough competition against good programs has made Logan a better baseball team when they returned home to resume their schedule.

“We’ve been going every year since 1986,” Gertz said. “We have enjoyed going there. We hadn’t won there in a while but playing all of that good competition down there always made us better. I’m very disappointed about this this year. This has hurt us.”

Since Logan is not going to the Beach that has left some holes on its schedule.

The Wildcats have 25 games scheduled and need five more. Seventeen of Logan’s games are at home, including an epic 10-game home stand from April 4-22.

“This has killed us,” Gertz said. “That’s knocked us out five games. I’ve called and called and called to find teams to play. We only have 25 games on our schedule. If anybody reads this and needs games call me. We need games.”

During spring break, Logan has five games scheduled, including an afternoon matinee on April 27 at 1 p.m. against Scott.

“After spring break we play two or three games and then it’s (sectional) tournament time,” Gertz said.

HE SAID IT: Logan has eight promising freshman on its team this year. Eight of them are pitchers.

Coach Gertz said he knows they are still young and will grow and mature but wished some of them were a bit bigger.

“Good Lord, I wish Carson Kirk would put on some weight because he’s growing like a weed, him and Jarron Glick both. If you combine the two of them I don’t think they weigh near as much as I do by myself. I don’t know if that’s a slam on them or a slam on me,” Gertz said with a laugh.

LOTS OF PITCHING: Logan has 15 players listed as pitchers on its 24-man roster.

There will be more coming next season.

“We have a lot of arms and we are gifted,” Gertz said. “We have seven more coming next year and we’re only going to lose a couple. We could have 18 to 20 next year that we’re going to list as pitchers next year. They’ll pitch both JV and varsity. A lot of these young kids will have to step up if we are going to contend.”

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